Achieving End-to-End Product Traceability from Manufacturing to Supply Chain

How much visibility do you have into your products across manufacturing and supply chain processes? Is the product data you track being integrated throughout your value chain within a single source of truth?

To reap the benefits of holistic digitalization, manufacturers must ensure end-to-end product traceability from the factory floor through distribution to consumers. Utilizing a single source of truth for batch and item-level production and logistical data, you can meet traceability regulations and customer demands for safer, more sustainable products and services.

In this webinar, we will explore the challenges of supply chain visibility in today's complex global marketplace. We will also present an integrated set of digital solutions that can extend traceability from your factory floor across your entire network of suppliers, partners and customers.

Watch this webinar as we address these critical traceability challenges:

  • No capability to track and trace parts and products throughout the entire value chain
  • No compliance with regulatory requirements (battery passport, CO2 emissions..)
  • No visibility or effective reaction time in case of product recall
  • Damage to brand reputation and customer service levels
  • Disconnected manufacturing and supply chain functions