Acino Ensures Compliance with Track and Trace Requirements across multiple Regions

Acino is a Swiss pharmaceutical company headquartered in Zurich and develops, manufactures and delivers internationally well-proven and innovative pharmaceuticals. Operating in emerging markets, Acino needed a solution to ensure compliance with serialization, traceability and reporting requirements in the EU and countries of CIS and Middle East. This also required the integration of external systems to enable the exchange of required serialization data with customers and partners and to ensure the regulatory compliance of Acino’s contract manufacturers (CMOs).

"In 2015/2016 we carried out our first successful serialization project with Movilitas for the implementation of EU FMD. We chose Movilitas as our global strategic partner for serialization projects and services based on their long-term industry record and profound expertise. During the project we got to know Movilitas as a very reliable and a highly competent partner for any kind of serialization projects." Andreas Eckerlin, Global Head SAP CC, Acino

In this case study, originally posted in the GS1 Healthcare Reference Book 2022/2023, learn about Acino's journey to serialization compliance, faster reporting and improved efficiency due to automation of processes.