Acino Improves Patient Benefits through Future-Proof Compliance for Europe and Turkey

Acino is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Zurich and develops, manufactures and internationally markets well-proven and innovative pharmaceuticals. The company leverages its high-quality pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities and network to supply leading companies through contract manufacturing and out-licensing.

Operating in emerging markets, Acino needed a solution to ensure compliance with serialization, traceability and reporting requirements in the EU and countries of CIS and Middle East. This also required the integration of external systems to enable the exchange of required serialization data with customers and partners and to ensure the regulatory compliance of Acino’s contract manufacturers (CMOs).

In this case study, find out why Acino decided for SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (SAP ATTP) as the cornerstone solution, delivering future-proof regulatory compliance and simplified reporting processes. Learn about the benefits obtained by full supply chain vsibility and product tracking in the pharmaceutical industry.