Biotest Improves Serialization Compliance with Extended Supply Chain Visibility

Regulatory compliance continues to evolve and countries are developing standards or refining their current requirements. Biotest needed a new Track & Trace solution to comply with the EU FMD and Russian regulations. With SAP ATTP and SAP WM they can now share information with their supply chain stakeholders as well as the various regulatory agencies.

Biotest AG selected Movilitas because the company offers a fully compliant set of services with expertise as a systems integrator versed in implementing Level 4 of a serialization architecture. The team also has the knowledge to address compliance with different country legislations such as EU FMD and Russian Federal Law No. 425-FZ. The Movilitas team worked remotely so the project had the right support at a lower cost than an onsite group. Biotest AG was comfortable with the remote delivery model based on previous projects with Movilitas since 2014.

Project summary:

  • 280 days to complete and rollout the migration from SAP AII / OER to ATTP
  • Future-proof regulatory compliance (EU FMD, Russia)
  • Integration of serialization and warehouse processes
  • Increased efficiency & cost cutting through integration and automation of processes
  • Increased supply chain visibility