Boost Factory Execution by Migrating to a Cloud-Based MES

Leading manufacturers are looking to adopt a cloud-based MES to meet future challenges today. These SaaS solutions connect your shop floor equipment to your business systems that enable execution, quality production insights, plant maintenance notifications and integration with an ERP.. By moving away from paper and spreadsheets, you gain a global view of all production with the ability to drill down to a single factory. This visibility helps you improve efficiencies, adapt to the market faster and serve your customers better.

Discover how the solution drives efficiency and handles nonconformance issues. Discover the power of production operator dashboards that help focus your teams on their part of the work order process. Experience the benefits of having access to real-time work in progress status metrics that enables production traceability from start to finish.

Key Topics:

  • Introduction to cloud-based MES and SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC) for execution
  • Walkthrough of a production work order
  • Real-time data powering critical decision making
  • Business case for migrating to this solution