Cultivating Sustainable, Productive Agriculture for Farmers and the Planet: Syngenta Invests In Innovative Technology

In this Rethink:TMRW Summit presentation from Thomas Horn, Business Architect and Paul Harffrey, Global IT Product Digitalization at Syngenta Crop Protection, share their 5 year program journey with Engineering Industries eXcellence, formerly Movilitas.

The leading global agrochemical company needed a track and trace solution to reach their goals in making their supply chain visible, smart and connected to their customers. In addition, it was crucial for Syngenta to replace their obsolete IT landscape with a new system that supports loyalty programs to increase customer retention. Movilitas was their strategic partner to support their track and trace journey since 2009. A global, standardized approach for product identification (unique serialized ID) and association to sales packages or logistic handling units (aggregation), that meets all anticipated compliance obligations, was implemented. This ensures the capturing of product and production data and enables information exchange with customers or other IT platforms across different regions. The customer benefits from significantly lower operating costs globally and increased supply efficiency for a more sustainable business. 

Learn more about Syngenta’s journey and the results obtained during their digital transformation journey and watch the presentation.