eLeaflet Panel Discussion​: Actual State, Pitfalls and technical way for Realization

Are you on top of the new eLeaflet requirement in the pharmaceutical industry? What is an electronic leaflet, what is ePI (electronic product information), and what is ePL (electronic patient leaflet? Find out in this Rethink:TMRW Summit electronic leaflet panel discussion and get insights from pharmaceutical leaders on what it means for the industry. The experts will explore the actual state, pitfalls, technical ways for realization and the best way to move forward.

Everyone knows paper leaflets that are part of medicine package you will get from your pharmacy. The leaflet is a reliable source on how to take the medicine and possible side effects. But changes on new findings about the medicine such as new side effects and changing it in the leaflet can take up to 12 months. Countries such as Japan, Germany, Spain, Brazil have started projects to implement the electronic leaflet to replace or to accompany the paper leaflet for their medicines. The electronic version not only allows the patient to always have the most current leaflet on hand but it also comes along with positive effects on the environment as leaflets don’t need to be printed anymore. A simple scan of the code on the packaging allows the patient to get a reliable and current version of the medicine information. Learn more about the electronic leaflet and technical realization in the Rethink:TMRW Summit 2022 panel discussion.