Global Track & Trace: Building Visibility in Your Extended Supply Chain with Movilitas

Why do we need a track and trace solution to cover our supply chain? Global end-to-end visibility enables many benefits across different industries and supply chain stakeholders. But companies are still struggling to gain full transparency because of siloed data often locally stored.

The SAP Logistics Business Network, global track and trace option (SAP GTT) captures, processes and stores tracking information about tracked processes and objects. It allows business users to get real-time transparency of the execution of those processes and query any tracked process while displaying retrieved data.

“Deliver on your promise to customers by tracking the status and fulfillment of processes and goods in transit across your global inbound, manufacturing, and fulfillment chain. With SAP Global Track and Trace, you can get real-time insights into the availability of materials and products to reduce supply chain risks and optimize costs” – SAP’s definition of SAP Global Track and Trace¹

Get an overview of what a holistic supply chain view can do for your business such as removing inefficiencies and reducing costs and download this Solution Brief.


1 SAP Blog: Understanding SAP Global Track and Trace