How to Archive Obsolete SAP ATTP Data and Three Good Reasons to Start Today

Data archiving should be a periodic process, planned and scheduled regularly to keep your SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals (SAP ATTP) system at peak performance. With SAP ATTP archiving, you can ensure that you can retain consistent processing of serialized data in ATTP and support all business processes that depend on ATTP.

Starting your archiving project from scratch requires extensive conceptual efforts and testing. Movilitas provides a best practice approach that expedites the archiving project while reducing the overall costs and increasing the solution quality.

This guide will cover three good reasons to consider for removing your SAP ATTP data and unfold the following aspects about archiving:

  • Movilitas concept for data archiving
  • How SAP ATTP archiving works
  • The data lifecycle in SAP ATTP
  • SAP ATTP archiving szenarios