How to Build a Competitive Advantage with Serialization and Track & Trace

Global supply chains are complex and dynamic. Enterprises need an integrated approach capturing data at the source for greater transparency. Track & trace technology can help you improve access to critical information for real-time intelligence that powers key decisions.

Have an exclusive look at a new-to-market solution, SAP Corporate Serialization. The system enables the tracking of objects using Global Unique Identifier Management and is tailored to the specific needs of non-pharmaceutical stakeholders, such as high-tech goods and chemicals. You’ll learn how the solution brings more visibility and traceability through your value chain.

Learn more about the new SAP solution:

  • The benefits of object tracking with industry use cases
  • Best practices for a competitive advantage
  • The difference between SAP Corporate Serialization and SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals
  • SAP Corporate Serialization Demo /li>