How to Grow with Digital Manufacturing & Electronic Batch Records

The purpose of electronic batch records (EBR) is to document that a company properly handles and records all critical steps to produce each batch of a product. Many regulated businesses, such as pharmaceuticals, operate in a hybrid manner of using a combination of business systems such as ERP, but still heavily rely on capturing data on paper-based systems via manual business processes and functional or departmental data held in disconnected silos. To compete against local and global competition, connecting the shop floor to the top floor while capturing data at the source and in real-time is paramount.

There are many benefits associated with implementing an electronic batch record solution, such as increasing production asset efficiency resulting in increased product quality and yields. Many industry solutions interoperate seamlessly together, presenting data from SAP and non-SAP data sources into a single operator user interface (as well as posting data back to create a closed-loop system). Learn more about implementing EBR in your manufacturing operations.

Key Topics:

  • Why hybrid models of paper, manual and digital processes don't work
  • Overview of ISA-95
  • Review of electronic batch records
  • Improving the bottom line with EBR