How to Increase Product Visibility and Address Counterfeiting Issues through Integrated Tracking

As a manufacturer inefficient recall and warranty management can be a challenge in your daily business. If not managed properly a slow reaction time can lead to revenue and reputation loss. By tracking your products at item-level you can not only get visibility about their movement through the supply chain but also allow better decision-making. You can give consumers the opportunity to trace their product to the origin and ensure product authenticity while eliminating counterfeiting.

SAP Corporate Serialization (SAP CorS) enables the serialization and tracking of uniquely identified objects, often products and parts, in the supply chain. The solution allows business process integration with SAP ERP and Warehouse Management solutions leveraging out-of-the-box add-on and other solutions via standard interfaces. It is tailored to the specific needs of non-life sciences stakeholders, such as high-tech goods, medical devices, consumer packaged goods, and chemicals.

This guide is addressing the following business challenges:

  • Unaddressed product recalls and warranties validation challenges
  • Limited product life cycle visibility
  • Compliance with the evolving government regulations
  • Counterfeiting and deficient product integrity