How SAP MII Improved Joris Ide Group’s Operations

By Martin Gore, Sales Manager Europe Digital Manufacturing

Manufacturing continues to adapt to Industry 4.0 where connectivity offers new ways to stay competitive. There is a steady pace of moving from paper-based processes and offline digital files to integrated, automated real-time data accessible to all stakeholders, inside and outside of the organization.

The Joris Ide Group is an international group in business for three decades and one of the leading European manufacturers of cladding products for the construction industry. They followed their desire to always innovate, a key company value, by investing in digital manufacturing to create a smart factory.

The company wanted to increase shop floor efficiency and visibility to improve production as well as better reporting to all staff from production operators to top management. This transformation would also enable them to move from their current backflush accounting method to actual steel consumption measurements. This approach reduces the inefficiencies of:

  • wrong raw materials and components being picked or dispatched
  • materials sent at the wrong time to the process
  • not knowing what unused materials there are

They partnered with us to implement the SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) solution for a custom connection between production machines and their SAP ERP. As with any big change, the operators were initially somewhat resistant to the new solution interfaces and processes. However, they soon embraced the new way of working, which increased their productivity.

Joris Ide uses the Movilitas downtime application and Veri95 for structured data storage. Some of the benefits realized were shop floor flexibility, scrap reduction, and improved production lead times. Watch our video to learn more about their journey.

Download the full case study for more details about their digital transformation.