Keep Customers Happy By Connecting SAP FSM to Your SAP Environment

By Graham Heiner, European Delivery Manager, Asset Management

SAP Field Service Management (FSM) is a comprehensive solution that helps you effectively manage the customer service side of repairs, service or installations. SAP FSM is a cloud-based SaaS and has solid integrations with the following processes:

  • customer service
  • scheduling
  • dispatch
  • tracking
  • field confirmations
  • analytics

This blog provides an overview of the core SAP FSM processes and how the solution connects to your SAP environment.

SAP Field Service Management Overview

SAP FSM manages the servicing process in a way that provides an optimal customer experience and consistently good services. The solution enables the efficient use of resources and transparent tracking of results, which offers a competitive edge.

SAP FSM Event Request Process

EVENT OR REQUEST: An initial event or request can trigger the start of a process. his could be automated from database condition, or triggered by your customer or business partner through the Field Services app. For example, a customer can scan the QR code or barcode of the item to start a request.

BACKOFFICE PROCESSES: These can include outgoing processes such as sales or maintenance orders and returning processes such as confirmations and invoicing. These can also include serialization and Track and Trace processes, which Movilitas has implemented.

PLANNING AND SCHEDULING: This includes the identification of resources, the optimization of a schedule, dispatch and tracking. SAP FSM also has a standard schedule optimization function. External resources can also be identified through an innovative Crowd Service, that only requires, as a minimum, the external resource being a business partner in SAP.

FIELD SERVICE: For field service technicians, FSM provides a clean and intuitive application that is easy to use. Functions include:

  • Order Details
  • Time confirmation
  • Parts Reservation and Use
  • Inspections and Checklists
  • Documents and Photos
  • Equipment Details
  • Finalization Procedures

HAPPY CUSTOMERS: The customer has full transparency of the process, including their history of requests and services. This visibility not only improves customer service but reduces the administrative burden of taking customer calls to manage the request and advise them of the status.

Integration of SAP FSM Into the SAP Environment

SAP FSM can be connected to various ERP systems or operate as a standalone solution. Naturally, it is designed to integrate best with the SAP environment. While SAP S/4HANA migration is in full swing, many organizations are still on SAP ERP Central Component (ECC). However, you don’t need to wait until you upgrade to connect to this SaaS solution.

Movilitas has a unique integration tool for SAP FSM and SAP ECC through the SAP Cloud Connector. This SAP FSM Cloud Connector is included in the product licensing, and customizable. Our integration tool connects SAP FSM to your SAP system that enables support for your processes that best meet your particular requirements.

SAP FSM and ERP Connection

Simplifying Field Management Processes

SAP FSM offers service organizations a uniquely strong service-focused solution that keeps you highly competitive and your customers happy. The integrated functions vastly simplify processes that many organizations find complicated or difficult.

This cloud-based solution connects with both SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA. With this unique connector and Movilitas expertise, you no longer have to wait to enjoy the benefits of this very useful field service solution.

For more information about how Movilitas can help you provide value to your stakeholders through Asset Management technologies, please visit our Enterprise Asset Management overview page. If you would like a personalized assessment of your company’s mobility options, please register for a free 1-hour workshop.