Movilitas Consulting Services 4.0 Case Studies

While the underlying fundamentals of project management continue, the processes continue to adapt based on environment, industry and rapidly changing technologies. A new remote consulting service model is emerging that harnesses collaborative technologies to support next-generation processes delivered across a dispersed global workforce. It drives great efficiencies through an approach of the right expertise at the right time. Movilitas consulting services 4.0 helps companies complete their SAP projects from design to implementation to go live.

Companies are embracing remote work in new ways and virtual service delivery is one of them. Powered by innovation and new technologies, the fully online collaborative experience brings a dispersed global workforce together. The result? You get expanded access to our network of industry and SAP experts. There are new efficiencies from automation, reduced unproductive time and more.

Movilitas has developed an established set of processes for successful remote delivery, collaboration and information capture. We are committed to transparent communication optimized for each aspect of a project using automation tools, video conferences and a virtual “onsite” presence. Our teams used these methods to deliver many successful high-value projects remotely in various industries such as life sciences and food & beverage.