Predictive Maintenance: 5 Steps to Consider Before Launching

Maintenance is an integral part of keeping a plant online. Over time it has migrated from reactive to preventative. The next stage is predictive maintenance where real-time condition monitoring makes it possible to optimize your repair schedule and reduce unplanned downtime. However, there have been some barriers to adopting this Industry 4.0 technology in the past.

This migration to Maintenance 4.0 is becoming more accessible and cost-effective with the decreasing cost of sensors, data collection techniques, low-cost data transmission options and the improvement of data processing. Skilled engineers and asset managers are finding it more affordable to apply predictive maintenance beyond critical assets. However, there are some prerequisite steps that should be taken before launching your program.

This guide covers:

  • Master data
  • Maintenance strategy
  • IoT connectivity
  • Predictive analysis

Download this insight to understand how to prepare your operations for implementation.