How a Leading Industrial Gas Supplier Gained Full Product Traceability

Are you able to anticipate demand based on analytics and react in real-time? At the SAP Digital Supply Chain Live 2021, Karl-Christian Roediger from SAP and Uwe Rauschenberg from Movilitas presented an overview of how a leading gas supplier gained full product traceability. In the presentation, you will find out how the customer benefits from greater supply chain efficiency and faster reaction to arising changes in the market.

"The customer needed to harmonize the customer experience independent of the product type for an end-to-end product management", Uwe Rauschenberg from Movilitas said. SAP Corporate Serialization (SAP CorS) and SAP Logistics Business Network (SAP LBN) offer the product lifecycle and shipment tracking for full supply chain visibility and enhanced data sharing with customers. Watch the on-demand recording to get more insights into SAP LBN and SAP CorS.