Three Technology Solutions for Serialized Warehouses

Warehouses managing regulated products, such as pharmaceuticals, must consider how their operations integrate serialization data without losing efficiency. Using siloed systems and manual processes means it’s difficult to accommodate the high-volume data exchange required to capture the daily stream of compliance-related information. Serialized warehouses must consider how their operations integrate their serialization data across the extended value chain.

If your distribution centers also handle non-serialized products, you need to support that data as well. Traditional warehouse management systems (WMS) have been very beneficial for optimizing operations. However, these solutions are not necessarily built for handling this specialized data. By migrating to digitally integrated processes, you gain a greater ability to manage serialization because the solutions capture product movement and other data as it moves through the supply chain from receipt through delivery. The automated data exchange between your distribution centers, ERP, stakeholders and other systems ensures your compliance data is readily available at your fingertips.

This guide explores how serialized warehouses can leverage proven and next-generation technology to gain value beyond compliance.

  • What solutions help simplify normal and compliance processes
  • How user-friendly applications improve task speed
  • Benefits of an integrated serialization ecosystem

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