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Project delivers a combined solution for end-to-end visibility in EU, Korea and U.S. markets

New mobile app provides real-time verification for compliance with the saleable returns verification requirements

Movilitas’ fully compliant set of services and solutions will help Bionorica address compliance with the Russian serialization law before the January 1st deadline.

Next-generation intelligent technologies transform how companies maximize the lifetime value of physical assets to drive cost savings and open new revenue streams.

Speakers and attendees from multiple industries and countries will come together to share insights and trends on serialization and track & trace technologies from regulatory compliance to ROI.

It will enable compliance with Russia’s drug serialization law solution includes compliance support for pharmaceutical industry stakeholders. 

PHOENIX group, a leading healthcare provider in Europe, has been FMD-compliant since April 20th, 2018. The company has chosen the Movilitas.Cloud solution to implement the FMD requirements in 17 countries for wholesale and pre-wholesale activities.

Vielfach fehlt eine ganzheitliche Sicht auf die Prozesse entlang der Lieferkette, die ein schnelles und proaktives Handeln im Falle von Problemen ermöglicht. Innovative Technologien wie Nexeed Track and Trace von Bosch Connected Industry und SAP Global Track and Trace (SAP GTT) ermöglichen eine digitale Vernetzung und vollständige Transparenz der Supply Chain.

Delivering transformative solutions and opportunities while guiding clients on their journey to connected insights is the mission of Movilitas. Read the rest of the interview with Stefan Hockenberger, Managing Director, Europe.

"A new era for how enterprises lead the connected value chain." This is more than a catchphrase. The tagline encapsulates everything that Movilitas is about.

Die Sicherheit der Lieferkette ist von größter Bedeutung, vor allem dann, wenn sich Endprodukte direkt auf die Gesundheit und Sicherheit der Konsumenten auswirken können. In Industrien wie der Pharma-, Chemie- und Agrarindustrie ist die Sicherheit der Lieferkette daher besonders wichtig.

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