Intelligent Asset Management: A New Way to Drive Productivity & Revenue

This new solution and non-linear way of thinking enables you to manage the entire lifecycle of your physical assets for greater productivity and revenue.

Wed, 20. Nov 2019

How to Complete Your FMD Duties as a Pre-Wholesaler for Your MAH

How pre-wholesalers and their Market Authorization Holders (MAH) can use SaaS as a way to comply with the EU FMD

Tue, 12. Nov 2019

How to Unlock the Power of the 4 Ms of Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing multiplies the power of man, material, method and machine through integrated intelligence. Discover how.

Wed, 06. Nov 2019

3 Practical KPIs for Improving Your Mobile Plant Maintenance

There are three key performance indicators (KPIs) that support workflows needed to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and improve asset management. Mobile solutions help organizations manage resources better by connecting systems used to conduct plant maintenance.

Tue, 24. Sep 2019

What Your Wholesaler Solution Needs for Successful FMD Compliance

Many wholesalers, distributors and 3PLs operating within the EU's Falsified Medicines Directive ecosystem have required responsibilities. We provide a list of questions you can use to evaluate solutions that will connect you to the various systems and partners.

Mon, 16. Sep 2019

Improve Your Pharma Manufacturing with an Electronic Batch Record

Regulations add a layer of complexity for manufacturers. They can meet this challenge in part by implementing electronic batch records.

Tue, 03. Sep 2019

Wholesalers, Easily Resolve Your FMD False Alerts with Technology

Wholesalers must work diligently with the other stakeholders to keep the false alert risk from impacting the bottom line. Cloud technology is one way to better manage connections to the medical verification systems.

Tue, 27. Aug 2019

An Overview of Russia's Looming Drug Serialization Law

Pharmaceutical companies selling into Russia are facing a looming deadline. As of January 1, 2020, medications must comply with Russia’s Federal Law No. 425-FZ. Meeting the challenge requires a different approach. 

Tue, 06. Aug 2019

How Counterfeit Beverages Affect Your Brand

Beverage manufacturers face many challenges from sourcing ingredients to shipping disruptions. Counterfeit products should not be one of them.

Wed, 31. Jul 2019

How to Drive Digital Transformation

Gain valuable insights into successful digitization projects in the areas of customer service, resource scheduling, maintenance, and utilities.

Wed, 27. Mar 2019

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