How to Unlock the Power of the 4 Ms of Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing Unites the 4 Ms of Manufacturing

By Dider Kerckhof, Global Domain Lead, Digital Manufacturing

Manufacturing is reaching a point where automation alone is not enough to remain competitive. It only has the power to boost productivity in certain areas. Therefore, you need to tap into the next stage, digital. It connects the four M’s – man, material, method and machine. This virtual synchronization creates an integrated intelligence that powers operations at every level and extends out into your entire supply chain.

While many of us rely on spreadsheets and emails to communicate information, it isn’t the most efficient way especially for manufacturing. Now, imagine what your facility would look like accessing the same data as finance, suppliers, distributors or customers. Production lines adjust seamlessly as client orders or supply inventory changes. Accounting and finance would then update budgets and forecasts based on the same information.

Digital manufacturing offers many of those key capabilities and benefits. Watch our video for a 2-minute overview.



Movilitas Expertise in Digital Manufacturing from Movilitas on Vimeo.

As you saw, connected processes help you improve

  • equipment efficiency and life time value
  • operator guidance
  • analytics for statistical process control and predictive capacities

Some of the benefits seen are boosts in productivity of man, materials and machine through better methods and decision making. There is increased value for your business from stabilized operations that generate cost-savings and new opportunities.

For more on SAP Manufacturing Intelligence & Integration, visit our page here. Then, if you’re ready to unlock the power of your 4 Ms, contact us here to start a conversation.

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