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Long-Standing GS1 Partnership

GS1 standards build an important foundation for businesses around the world to uniquely identify, capture and automatically share product, location and assets information. GS1 barcodes/GTINs are required for many industries and are scanned over 6 million times each day.

Movilitas and GS1 have been strong partners for each other over many years. Our partnership provides new opportunities, education, certifications and community activities. As traceability specialists and thought leaders, we have a close relationship through collaborations such as speaking events and webinars as well as being an advisor in certain areas.

This year, Movilitas is delighted to be a gold sponsor at the GS1 Global Forum and looking forward to new insights on GS1 standards and networking with the community such as events. Join us at the virtual conference to learn more about GS1 standards.

Pharma IQ Webinar: The Future of Regulatory Compliance and Track and Trace

It is becoming increasingly complex to comply with pharmaceutical regulations around the world. In this webinar learn about the upcoming government regulations such as the US, Brazil, Bahrain, UAE and more.

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Case Study: PHOENIX group leverages Movilitas.Cloud for ongoing FMD compliance

This case study from the GS1 Healthcare Reference Book outlines their journey to becoming compliant and has insights on what supply chain stakeholders need to fulfill.

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Movilitas is the leading consulting and solutions provider for serialization and traceability with the largest expert network worldwide

With more than 15 years of experience and 100+ projects, we work with the top 14 out of 15 Life Science companies in the world. Explore how technologies and our GS1 partnership can support your regulatory compliance journey and learn about upcoming country regulations in our webinars.

Some of our happy customers

Alter Pharma
Phoenix Group
Joris Ide

Customer Case Studies

In the GS1 Healthcare Reference Books, you can find comprehensive stories of companies that have implemented GS1 standards in the healthcare industry around the world. You can find the two latest GS1 reference stories from Movilitas about the PHOENIX group and Bionorica for download.

Case Study

Biotest Improves Serialization Compliance with Extended Supply Chain Visibility

Biotest needed a new Track & Trace solution to comply with the EU FMD and Russian regulations. With SAP ATTP and SAP WM they can now share information with their supply chain stakeholders as well as the various regulatory agencies.

Case Study

Movilitas.Cloud simplifies Chestny ZNAK compliance at Bionorica

In this case study from the GS1 Healthcare Reference book, find out about Bionorica’s serialization transformation to comply with Chestny ZNAK and what benefits were obtained through full supply chain visibility.


Simplify Your Compliance Process

Find out how to simplify your compliance process and connect data from multiple pharma stakeholders with SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals.

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