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Simplify Your Move to SAP ATTP

The move to SAP® Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP) opens up better data exchanges between packaging line solutions, business partners, regulatory systems, ERP and warehouse management solutions. Yet, migrating legacy systems and their data isn’t always easy. Serialization regulations and reporting standards require historic data to move over to the new system. Discover the benefits of using Movilitas SAP serialization migration services and tools. Our accelerators help reduce the risk and expense of transitioning your compliance and business-critical legacy data into the SAP ATTP system.

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Key Benefits

  • Expedite your migration from SAP OER or SAP AII to SAP ATTP with Movilitas pre-configured templates and accelerators
  • Minimize the implementation time and risks for SAP ATTP and SAP EWM with Movilitas pre-configured templates
  • Maintain future-proof compliance and simplify your reporting process
  • Drive value beyond compliance with operational insights from KPI reporting and analytics

Transformation Toolkit

Accelerators & Pre-Configured Templates

Migration projects are complex. They often consist of different solutions that need to work in tandem. Starting such a project from scratch is difficult, and expensive because long projects risk jeopardizing a profitable business case. The solution?

Our accelerator package for SAP ATTP migration offers a full set of preconfigured migration processes and functionalities.  This template-based solution provides:

  • Best-Practices pre-configured templates to cover all the aspects of data migration
  • Interfaces for packaging lines for high-volume data exchanges
  • Faster time to value by reducing the cost and risk through a streamlined migration


Build a serialization infrastructure that can be altered as needed to accommodate regulatory changes. The system will:

  • Standardize high volume and complex data by capturing and sharing information about supply chain events securely with trading partners in near real-time with EPCIS (GS1 standard)
  • Exchanging data across a diverse set of supply chain partners: in-house packaging facilities, packaging facilities of CMOs, 3PLs, repackagers, wholesalers and dispensers
  • Enable the transition from lot-level tracking to unit-level serialization and traceability creates vast amounts of data

Best Practices & Expertise

Our SAP migration toolkit is based on best practices and a proven implementation approach.

Movilitas brings deep global knowledge in all aspects of track & trace, warehouse and supply chain project design, including implementation, support and training. Our expertise includes:

  • Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII)
  • Object Event Repository (OER)
  • SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP)
  • Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • SAP Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Trusted by the Top 13 of 15 Pharmaceutical Companies

Real-time supply chain visibility as well as compliance with regulations and anti-counterfeiting protection are some of the key issues for supply chain managers. Movilitas delivers solutions that enable businesses to realize new opportunities for growth while maintaining compliance with regulations. We are recognized as a trusted SAP partner for digital supply chain transformation.

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Key Insights

Movilitas Track & Trace | Bring Transparency to Your Supply Chain

Movilitas is a trusted SAP partner with deep expertise in track & trace and serialization that helps businesses connect their supply chain networks and realize full end-to-end visibility.

The Latest in Serialized Warehouse Productivity & Traceability

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SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals

SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP) handles these needs by providing a corporate serialization repository and management. The solution was co-developed with leading pharmaceutical companies and is tailored to specific needs of these stakeholders.