Schedule a Free Asset Management Assessment with Our Experts

One-Hour Assessment Workshop

Our experts will provide an executive asset management assessment on the latest trends, technologies and best practices. in the areas of:

  • field services
  • resource scheduling
  • customer service
  • inventory management

This session can also provide some initial advice in the context of your requirements.

This 1-hour assessment workshop is ideal for an “executive briefing” to senior managers or planners driving your organization’s asset manegement digital transformation or improvement initiatives. We offer this free of charge so that you get access to more information to help you make the best decisions. There is no additional commitment required.

General Workshop Topics

Current State of the Asset Management
key trends and best practices

How New Technology Is Enabling Transformation
in the context of better asset management practices and Industry 4.0

Understanding Your Requirements
a high-level discussion on your organization’s requirements

Options Available to Your Company
advice on options to consider for your organization in terms of an overall strategy and approach

How to Make the Business Case
some advice on where we have seen success in making the case for an investment or budget submission

It's As Easy As

  • Completing the form
  • Scheduling a virtual meeting with our expert
  • Attending the 1-hour asset management assessment workshop
  • Bringing back the latest knowledge to your organization