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Stop shuffling that paper and spreadsheets to reach your OEE and KPI goals. Our manufacturing experts will show you how to manage your production and access real-time data with one tool. Remove those roadblocks by enabling the data you need to get the job done and get you back on track. Schedule your Movilitas RPM demo and discover how to improve not only your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) but also:

Reduce Downtime | Cut Extra Scrap/Waste | Add End-to-End Production Tracking | Access Real-Time Metrics & KPIs

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Movilitas Production Solution

About Movilitas Real-Time Production Management (RPM)

A cost-effective packaged solution for lean manufacturing that provides a single user-friendly interface for SAP, production, labor and maintenance

The MES software enables access to real-time updates for driving process improvements, such as cycle times, takt time, production capacity and more

Operators, supervisors, and managers can access information via dashboards and scoreboards to make immediate decisions

End-to-end visibility is enabled for a much lower cost of ownership than other plant floor solutions, giving you a faster ROI

Learn Why Manufacturers Trust Movilitas

A large CPG company was using a mix of paper and spreadsheets to capture and report on their downtime incidents. Unfortunately, this process was not working because there was very little insight into why downtime was happening. The company sought out a simple solution to implement that would automatically capture the incidents and the reason(s) of why the event happened. The project ideally would create a single version of the truth by integrating various information sources into one portal. After solving the primary challenge, the company realized some additional rewards:

  • Improved OEE
  • Automated tracking of scrap events
  • Automated confirmations to their ERP

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Your session includes:

  • Learn the benefits of a shop floor MES integration and what our customers have experienced
  • Explore Movilitas RPM’s features to determine if it’s the right fit for your production environment
  • See how the solution works with a live demo
  • Discuss how the features help you reach your OEE and KPI goals
  • Answer any questions you have

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