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Actionable Asset Intelligence for Mobility, Productivity and Safety

Increasing competition and new business models require utility companies to be more customer-centric while working more efficiently to reducing costs. Information needs to be accessible and real-time in order to meet your distributed energy resources and consumer-focused culture. The new connectivity and mobility will help you overcome these operational challenges and fuel cost reductions. Going mobile will also help improve workforce safety and your customers’ experience.

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Key Challenges

  • Managing a higher workload with existing resources and skills
  • Scheduling customer appointments
  • Keeping track of the real-time status of all ongoing tasks
  • Ensuring workers have the right equipment and technical documents on-site
  • Handling regulatory requirements

Webcast: How Field Service Management Technology Improves Your ROI

Improve your workflows with constant communication between your technicians and office. Providing the right information at the right time regardless of location helps you achieve better resolution rates. When you stay connected with your mobile workforce, you can ensure happier customers and better ROI. Learn how to easily manage your resources and processes with a 360° view of operations.

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SAP Service Order Solutions

Field Services

Your field service team needs to improve productivity and responsiveness for customer satisfaction and cost control. SAP Field Service Management enables a connection to the value chain for better service delivery.

Smart Asset Management Suite

These solutions are built specifically for SAP maintenance and customer service environments for industries, such as field service, manufacturing and utilities. They help you plan, schedule and execute the required work in an SAP environment.

Grid Maintenance

The planning of employees and tools for handling mobile grid maintenance.

Meter Management

Supports the relevant master and dynamic data out of SAP PM/CS for meter processes such as meter reading, replacements, installations and de-installations.

Smart Meter Rollouts

Covers the general requirements for a smart meter rollout and is not country specific.

Benefits of Mobilizing Your Utility's Workforce

Discover why moving to integrated digital and mobile solutions from a mix of manual processes, paper and spreadsheets can help you boost productivity and better manage costs.

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