Mobile Solutions for Maintenance

Go Mobile with Your Maintenance Activities

With a mobile solution for maintenance, all requirements in the field of SAP-based maintenance can be digitalized and accessed from any device in the office or in the field. SAP Asset Manager supports relevant master and transaction data from SAP Plant Maintenance and Customer Service (PM/CS). The solution can be customized to your operational requirements.

Learn about 5 KPIs to track for improving your plant maintenance in our guide.

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Key Features

  • Order types: maintenance, repairs, inspections & breakdowns
  • Processing of technical places & equipment including installation & de-installation
  • Measuring points & classifications
  • Time recording for employees and teams
  • QM integration for inspection lot processing and checklists
  • Available inventory, image capture and integration of barcodes & RFID
  • Flexible status management

Application Scope of Mobile Maintenance

SAP PM/CS Orders with all Associated Information

Operations, long text, status management, business partners, time and material confirmations, reference objects such as equipment and technical objects, etc.

PM/CS Notification Processing with all Associated Information

Items, tasks, activities, long text, measurement points, status management, business partners, reference objects such as equipment and functional locations, etc.

Support for Processing SAP Equipment

Device replacement, installations, dismantling, classification, measurement points and documents, status management, etc.

Support for Processing Technical Objects

With modification of the technical structure, classification, measurement points and documents, status management, etc.

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