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Implement Your Asset Management, Maintenance and Mobile Projects Faster

Maintenance departments are transforming from a pure cost center to one providing business value through access to real-time data and analyses that improve productivity and create new opportunities. Mobile workforce management provides a solution that helps companies plan, schedule and execute maintenance activities more effectively using integrated resource planning. It helps you increase your asset reliability and reduce maintenance spend whether you manage discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing or utility assets.

Starting asset management, maintenance and mobile projects from scratch with an all SAP strategy requires extensive conceptual efforts and integration. Our accelerator for the SAP Intelligent Asset Management suite will save you time and money compared to the traditional project implementation.

Not sure where to begin? Schedule a free assessment workshop that provides a tailored-to-you session of the latest trends, technologies and best practices in mobility solutions.

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Typical Project Challenges

  • Conducting a fit-gap analysis
  • Long implementation process
  • Testing and stabilization
  • Cost
  • User training

Enterprise Asset Management Accelerators

Mobile Maintenance with SAP Asset Manager

The Movilitas Accelerator package for mobile plant maintenance offers a full set of preconfigured processes and functionalities. It includes a preconfigured mobile solution based on industry standards, best practices and a proven implementation approach.

Maintenance Integration for SAP

This package is a manufacturing and mobile workforce management integration. It is a move from multiple maintenance data collection methods to a connected framework between SAP MES and ERP to Plant Maintenance and SAP Asset Manager.

SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN)

This cloud-based business network is part of the SAP Intelligent Asset Management solution portfolio. By leveraging SAP AIN, information can be shared between manufacturers, operators and service suppliers. Contact us for more information on this beta program.

Simplify and Accelerate Your Projects

Starting asset management projects from scratch requires extensive conceptual efforts and integration. This complexity can delay final delivery and increase the risk. Leveraging pre-defined SAP templates expedites the implementation process, reduces overall cost and increases solution quality. Start a conversation with our experts today.

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