SAP Intelligent Asset Management

Maximize Your Return on Assets

The smart utilization of the Internet of Things, predictive analytics, mobility and global business networks, is enabling the creation and analysis of data on a larger scale than a few years ago. SAP Intelligent Asset Management is about collaboration through the sharing of information to drive smarter decisions, improve the reliability of your assets, and gain the maximum value out of your SAP core. It’s providing the right data at the right time to execute processes and tasks efficiently.

Asset management plays an increasing role in companies’ strategies to maximize return on assets by ensuring asset uptime and control costs. Choosing suitable maintenance strategies is crucial as successful asset management that follows the latest guidelines of ISO 55001 maximizes the return on assets consistently and reliably. A new wave of technologies is opening opportunities to tackle those challenges and change the traditional way of asset management.

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SAP IAM Suite Modules

  • Asset Intelligence Network (AIN)
  • Asset Performance Management (APM)*
  • Asset Manager

A Better Way to Manage Your Assets

Connect all stakeholders of your assets

By leveraging SAP Asset Intelligence Network information can be shared between manufacturers, operators and service suppliers.

Plan and optimize your maintenance performance

With the help of the SAP Asset Performance Management application, you can measure and improve the performance of your assets to make your maintenance strategies more accurate. It also enables businesses to apply predictive and prescriptive maintenance.

*This updated solution is an integration of Asset Strategy and Performance Management and Predictive Asset Insights solutions.

Enable end-to-end enterprise asset management processes

SAP Asset Manager and SAP Service & Asset Manager are cloud-based mobile solutions that integrate with enterprise systems. They enable the easy and simplified execution of end-to-end service and asset management on the go.

SAP Intelligent Asset Management is end-to-end visibility into your operations

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