Augmented Reality Business Applications

Mobile Business Intelligence. Augmented.

Augmented reality business applications can be used in a variety of environments from warehouses to manufacturing to simplify work processes and provide greater access to information. These solutions use an AR framework to connect the physical world to the digital one on a screen, typically a mobile device.

The result of this software development is an easy-to-use augmented environment where the user views an area with their device’s camera and the application reads the available code and text. This data is then superimposed on the screen for those items pulled from integrations with enterprise and operational systems. Users interact via the screen to complete their tasks.

Movilitas, an innovator in cloud and mobile solutions, has taken this augmented reality technology and applied it to SAP environments. Our first application, MotionAR Scanning, is built for the track & trace industry. However, we have the capacity to use this framework to develop an augmented reality application for your needs. Schedule a meeting to get started today.

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Key Scanning Challenges

  • Only able to scan items, such as pallets and cases, one at a time
  • Difficulty searching for the items you want, such as empty containers or expired products
  • One dimensional view of items requiring time to look up additional information
  • Operating without understanding the business context
  • Limited to no integration with SAP products, such as SAP ATTP or SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM)

Visualize Your Work

Movilitas AR Scanning

Scanning items one at a time is usually inefficient when you are working in a high-volume environment. The process becomes more complex when serialized products are introduced to the system. What if there was a way to scan multiple items and access information about them?

MotionAR Scanning streamlines your scanning processes for greater accuracy and efficiency. With this mobile application, you can capture information on multiple items at one time while also accessing data about them. For example, when searching for expired products in a warehouse, the augmented reality overlay shows those items in another color, so they are easy to find and pull.

The information doesn’t only flow in one direction. The solution also integrates with other systems, such as SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (SAP ATTP) or your ERP, for a bi-directional data exchange. The result is faster processing for tasks and compliance without sacrificing quality. Schedule a meeting to see this cutting edge augmented reality app in action.

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Augmented Reality Technology Built for Business


  • Empowers employees to make decisions based on real-time information
  • Enables faster completion of transactions, such as goods receipts, inventory audits or recalls, because of system integrations and improved read rate performance
  • Lower cost of ownership by simplifying hardware needs and reducing employee training


  • Capture multiple barcodes or text at one time with the device’s camera
  • Exchange data with SAP backend systems in real-time and display on-screen
  • Simple for workers to learn and use

Open Source Framework

We are developing these augmented reality applications based on an open-source web framework. Below are some of the benefits of this type of coding.

  • Software development templates built by developers with a broad license to use the source code
  • Ability to use industry-standard web app development languages and libraries that most developers know
  • More flexibility for design-led companies that like to push the envelope of innovative enterprise-grade applications

Our MotionAR Scanning was designed for an SAP barcode environment and can be applied to the needs of your company.

Simplifying Compliance, Inventory and Logistics Processes

This innovative mobile runs on iOS or Android and allows users to easily complete tasks through multiple barcode scanning and visual feedback. Because Movilitas is recognized as a long-standing trusted SAP partner and strategic advisor for digital supply chain transformation, we integrated the solution with track and trace systems for simplifying regulatory compliance. Ready to learn more?

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