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Connected Production is Smart Business

Today’s integrated factories connect machines with materials, methods and people to generate cross-functional efficiency and innovation. As manufacturing makes the transition to Industry 4.0, some factories face the growing pains of hybrid environments that rely on siloed digital systems and manual paper-based processes. The challenges include improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) at a lower cost while standardizing quality and increasing traceability. A lack of shared metrics can make it difficult to provide teams with the visibility they need.

The good news: with end-to-end real-time data to connect operations with enterprise-level systems, these organizations can finally harness the true power of the fourth industrial revolution. Improved visibility and intelligent decisions mean better insight—which translates to faster action and accelerated realization of value. Discover what Industry 4.0 can do for your company.

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Key Challenges

  • Managing multiple systems with different metrics
  • Driving quality improvements and innovation
  • Developing sustainability through effective asset management
  • Integrating with enterprise-level operations
  • Ensuring productivity and traceability to adapt to customer demands

Benefits Realized by Our Clients

100% automated zero tolerance environment for loading and unloading of materials

0% chance of mixing explosive products erroneously, reducing prior year claims by $3M

15% decrease in scrap & 80% faster rework operations on the packaging line

10% faster adaption to new recipes & 5% more productivity by measuring recipe effectiveness

Customizing Your Solution

Movilitas is the go-to partner in Track & Trace and Digital Manufacturing, which are closely aligned with SAP’s strategic initiatives. Our focused group and asset repository include country-specific knowledge of processes, regulations and what SAP offers. We are an active trusted advisor to clients, governmental agencies and industry groups, with solutions in 51+ countries and office and operations in eight countries.

We deliver SAP Digital Manufacturing solutions to customers on a worldwide basis. Our expertise and experience help our clients quickly adapt and adopt advanced IT solutions to enterprise manufacturing challenges. With one of the largest consultant pools in the world for SAP MII and ME projects, Movilitas partners with customers to take their businesses to new heights by enhancing control of their extended supply chains, ensuring their compliance with global regulations, and increasing levels of traceability.

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Our Offering

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC)

SAP DMC provides a manufacturing execution system of near real-time data and analytics that is the digital extension of on-premise solutions, including valuable insights for performance management and predictive quality all deployed in the cloud.

SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME)

You can manage and control manufacturing and shop floor operations; integrate business systems to the shop floor; and get complete visibility into components and materials.

SAP Manufacturing Intelligence, Integration, and Analytics (MII)

SAP MII connects the power of material, method, machine and people to your extended supply chain. Get the real-time manufacturing intelligence and visibility you need to manage efficiency and tightly integrate your manufacturing processes with business operations.

Movilitas Accelerators

Our accelerator packages offer a full set of preconfigured processes and procedures based on best practices that drive fast project implementation and rapid results. Learn more about Movilitas Real-Time Production Management (RPM), Veri95 and Maintenance Integration.

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