Movilitas Accelerators

Simplify and Accelerate Your Implementations

Achieving your manufacturing goals doesn’t have to be a lengthy, expensive process. Leveraging pre-define templates expedites the implementation process, reduces overall cost and increases solution quality. Movilitas offers two accelerators for manufacturers:

Real-Time Production Management (RPM)  is a packaged solution that helps drive plant floor productivity improvements. This cost-effective solution provides a single user interface for SAP, production, labor and maintenance, at a much lower cost of ownership  than other plant floor solutions.

Veri95, a SAP certified Rapid Deployment Solution database layer, plugs into SAP MII. Conforming to the ISA95 global standards, the solution provides a data model covering the factory activities of production, maintenance, quality, and logistics, and allows you to implement SAP MII up to 40% faster.

Key Challenges

  • Accessing key information as it happens
  • Eliminating your paper and spreadsheet system
  • Enabling a single view of SAP and production
  • Pulling down orders to track KPIs

The Accelerators Offer

Monitoring dashboard with real-time data

Visibility into:

  • Production
  • Inventory
  • Supply

Connection to external systems and devices

Such as:

  • LIMS
  • Historians
  • PLC’s

Augment ERP data with operational data

Integrates with:

  • Production Planning
  • Quality Management
  • Inventory Management

Discover How to Simplify Your Manufacturing Operations

Leading manufacturers realize the importance of smart manufacturing, real-time KPIs and a connection between the plant floor and the C-suite. They are going fully digital to boost productivity and gain end-to-end visibility of their operations. The result? These future factories are more agile, efficient and resilient.

Discover how to empower your workforce with actionable data.

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