ISA-95 Solution for SAP MES

Rapid Deployment Solution for SAP Manufacturing Execution Systems

The Movilitas Veri95 Accelerator is an ISA-95 solution that allows you to implement SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) up to 40% faster. It provides a single standardized data model for all your manufacturing execution systems (MES) and manufacturing operations management (MOM) operations. The compliant solution enables you to easily manage the factory activities of production, quality, maintenance and logistics.

This robust suite of tools and templates integrates seamlessly together. Veri95 enables manufacturers to set up an ISA-95-based Operational Information Store (OIS) to connect between the SAP ERP and the engineering/automation layer. For processing manufacturing, the solution enables a way to capture all the required data necessary to complete and create an electronic batch record (EBR). The result is a lean manufacturing plant. Contact us to learn more.

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Key Benefits

  • 40% faster deployment of SAP MII for lower TCO and an increase in time to value
  • Turn data into action by combining your shop floor data with your ERP to provide business context
  • Streamline processes by integrating your production, quality, maintenance and logistics systems, such as LIMS, historians & PLCs
  • Simplify updates by building once and deploying to multiple sites
  • Power automation based on combined time series and non-time series data for analysis machine learning & reporting

What Is ISA-95?

  • ISA-95 is not only a standard, it is also the best practice for shopfloor, a “universal language” gaining a lot of momentum with the introduction of Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • ANSI/ISA-95 Enterprise-Control System Integration, or ISA-95 as it is more commonly referred to, is an international standard from the International Society of Automation for developing an automated interface between enterprise and control systems
  • This standard has been developed for global manufacturers
  • It was designed to be applied in all industries, and in all sorts of processes, like batch processes, continuous and repetitive processes

Movilitas Veri95 Accelerator Overview


  • 40% faster deployment of SAP MII
  • Transform SAP MII into MOM
  • Standardize data through OIS
  • Lower your TCO & increase time to value
  • Rapid deployment of database structure & smart manufacturing apps
  • Flexible and scalable

ISA-95 Models

  • Materials
  • Operations Information:
    • Definitions
    • Capabilities
    • Performance
    • Scheduling
  • Personnel Information
  • Physical Assets
  • Process Segments
  • Role-Based Equipment


  • OIS (Operational Information Store or System) or ODS (Operational Data Store)
    • Database/system designed to integrate/aggregate operational data from multiple sources for additional operations on the data
    • Veri95 can be considered as an OIS or ODS due to its oriented object store based on ISA95 standard
  • MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) solution
    • MOM is a methodology for viewing an end-to-end manufacturing process with a view to optimizing efficiency. There are many types of MOM software, including for production management, performance analysis, quality and compliance

Lean Manufacturing Is Smart Manufacturing

Veri95 conforms to the ISA-95 global standards. Our clients use its pre-configured best practices and SAP MII enriched functionalities to further their digital transformation to smart manufacturing that is lean and sustainable. A single point of truth is created via the standardization of data and analytics. Find out more about our ISA-95 solution by scheduling a meeting with one of our digital manufacturing experts.

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