Maintenance Integration for SAP

Powering Maintenance 4.0 Transformation

How can you align the maintenance process between operations and maintenance?

By capturing your system data once and using it multiple times for improving collaboration between departments. By integrating your SAP products, downtime information is available to those who need it for resolving the issue – type of issue, technical specs, work order confirmations and more. Learn more about our innovative solution in our overview guide.

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Key Challenges

  • Equipment uptime and utilization
  • Manufacturing cycle times
  • Floor issues that stop product movement
  • Inefficient maintenance scheduling

Maintenance 4.0 Benefits

Data Sources

Platform to integrate data from IT & OT systems into a single, information-driven environment

Response Times

Improve reaction time with integrated collaboration that translates into faster maintenance and emergency repair request alerts and resolutions


Schedule repair activities more efficiently through the use of near real-time updates

Operational Improvement

Improve overall efficiency by increasing:

  • product quality
  • machine availability
  • performance

Issue Resolution

Reduce time to resolution by providing technical and incident information directly to the technician’s device

Activate Your Downtime Alerts

Manufacturers are implementing Industry 4.0 technologies for greater agility and efficiency. When you integrate SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence (MII) and SAP Asset Manager, you enable part of Maintenance 4.0 that helps reduce downtime events and increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

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How to Decrease Downtime with an SAP Maintenance Integration

Machine downtime costs time and money. You don’t want the response to take forever. You want to resume production as soon as a repair has taken place. How can you align the maintenance process between operations and maintenance?

Join us on March 25th @ 11:00am ET to learn more about an innovative SAP integration tool the enables the necessary alignment.

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