SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME)

Build It Right the First Time

Digitally Control, Monitor and Automate your Manufacturing Operations

SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME) makes it easier to organize and control production processes and procedures, providing a complete, multi-level genealogy record and traceability throughout the entire product life cycle. You can improve global operational visibility with near real-time information that increases reliability and product traceability using solutions based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The solution helps digitize manufacturing processes and integrate business systems. It uses cost-effective, high-quality and resource-efficient methodologies that are based on Industry 4.0 principles and technologies. Learn more in our Industry 4.0 whitepaper.

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Key Challenges

  • Poor visibility into manufacturing processes
  • Siloed and incomplete records of product history
  • Inability to meet individualization requirements
  • Ineffective utilization of assets

Improve the Transparency of Your Discrete Manufacturing

Manufacturers can collect, verify, and archive company information on every component in a product, creating an audit trail of all processes, components and materials involved in the manufacturing and packaging of the product. SAP Manufacturing Execution ensures orders are designed and built right the first time. The solution enables you to maintain and deliver quality products to your customers. Below is a view of the basic SAP ME architecture.

SAP ME Ecosystem

With SAP Manufacturing Execution, you can support your manufacturing workflows by improving product traceability from automated data collection. The digitization of processes enables you to adapt to production events by routing materials and manpower appropriately. The solution integrates seamlessly with the master data process of your ERP system. This connection allows access to performance data for analysis that can reveal areas for improvements to increase efficiency and save costs.


Next Generation Factories

Manage Problems Quickly

Ability to assess and resolve quality and productivity issues, while reducing warranty and liability risk.

Meet Market Demand

Adaptable to market-of-one requirements and extreme product variability, while maintaining productivity, margin and quality levels.

Maximize Asset Productivity

Improved equipment effectiveness, facilitate predictive maintenance and minimize downtime.

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