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For forward-thinking companies, enterprise management systems are the backbone for remaining competitive in a vastly more complex global economy. They understand that proactively managing systems to run at peak performance is critical to support business now and in the future. What is their secret for balancing between day-to-day maintenance and innovation? Finding the right support partner reduces the burden placed on internal teams and opens the door to new opportunities that can differentiate a business.

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Key Challenges

  • Limited, dedicated in-house resources to handle issue resolution and maintenance
  • Increased operational costs with recurring incidents and absence of problem management
  • Limited KPI and performance metric tracking and reporting

Partner With The Experts

Movilitas Global Support Services facilitates the maintenance and support of your enterprise management systems. Our team provides rapid response to ensure your systems work as designed, as expected – all the time. We’re committed to the success of your business transformation, day-to-day operations and future innovations.

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Manage Your Digital Enterprise with Comprehensive Support Services

Concierge, dedicated support

Easy-to-use support portal

Minimize maintenance costs

Industry-recognized SAP expertise

Proactive support service and resources

Innovation as standard

Quarterly reporting and measurement

Find The Support That Meets Your Business Needs

Movilitas provides third-party support services bundled as end-to-end packages or a la carte to provide the right solution at the right time. Our team brings in-depth expertise and process knowledge across multiple geographic regions and languages. Global Support Services includes a 24×7 self-service portal with easy access to all your tickets and their status as well as a resource rich knowledge base.

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Our Offering

Fiori Support Services

  • SAP Fiori included in all options

Asset Management Support Services

  • SAP Field Service Management (FSM)
  • SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM)
  • SAP Multiresource Scheduling  (MRS)
  • Movilizer for SAP (PM/CS, IS-U, CATS, MM)

Digital Manufacturing Support Services

  • SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC), SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for execution (DMCe), SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for insights (DMCi)
  • SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME)
  • SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII)
  • SAP Plant Connectivity (PCo)
  • Real-Time Production Management (RPM) or Veri95
  • Radio Frequency (RF) for SAP MII

Track and Trace Support Services

  • SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharma (ATTP)
  • SAP Corporate Serialization (CorS)
  • SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII)
  • SAP Global Track & Trace (GTT) Support
  • SAP Information and Collaboration Hub (ICH)
  • SAP object event repository (OER)
  • SAP Process Integration and Process Orchestration (PI/PO)

Warehouse Logistics Support Services

  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • SAP Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Radio Frequency (RF) for Inventory Management (IM), WMs, and EWM)

Movilitas.Cloud Support Services

  • Premium support for Movilitas.Cloud, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution

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