The Cloud Solution that Makes Compliance Simple

Movilitas.Cloud helps you track & trace your products worldwide while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and standards for the life science and agrochemical industries. With Movilitas.Cloud, you can onboard your stakeholders and partners with only a few clicks, creating a connected global supply chain network. Movilitas.Cloud makes it easy to share information with mandated national authorities or external applications such as TraceLink, SAP ATTP and SAP ICH.

Key Challenges

  • Tracking products globally while ensuring compliance with all regulations
  • Integrating the production and serialization process
  • Onboarding supply chain partners to the process

Benefits Realized by Our Clients

Full control over users and devices

Reports and dashboards in one place

No major investment or infrastructure management required

Movilitas.Cloud Partner Model – easily connect your complete supply chain network, exchange relevant data & get real-time feedback

Easily comply with global serialization regulations such as the EU FMD, Russia’s Federal Law No. 425-FZ and the U.S. DSCSA

Send and receive information to external applications such as TraceLink, SAP ATTP and SAP ICH or services mandated by national authorities

Configuring Your Solution

Movilitas.Cloud is our GAMP 5 validated software as a service solution that helps to make traceability simple and efficient throughout the life sciences and agrochemical supply chain while ensuring compliance across a global marketplace. Movilitas.Cloud applications are configurable for the specific needs of different participants in the supply chain. It can also be integrated with SAP and other systems to fit into existing landscapes


Our Offering

Manufacturer for Pharma

Generate and manage serial numbers while integrating production and packaging lines with existing ERP systems and external applications such as TraceLink, SAP ATTP and SAP ICH. Connect to the EU hub and/or Russian MDLP to share compliance information.

Verification Router Service (VRS)

Comply with the U.S. DSCSA Saleable Returns Verification requirement in an hour and handle your verification requests in real-time.

Repacker (EU FMD)

Verify, group, commission and decommission products, with manual, semi-automatic, or automatic repacking support. Connect to the EU hub to share compliance information.

Wholesaler (EU FMD)

Comply easily with the EU FMD, using a direct connection to the NMVS in the country where the warehouse is located. This connection lets you manage the product by scanning the 2D matrixcode for verification, decommissioning, and recommissioning.

Hospital Pharmacies (EU FMD)

Verify and decommission medicines on arrival to the hospital. Connect to the NMVS in the country where the hospital is located.

Serialized Logistics for Pharma

Complete your scanning activities related to packing, unpacking, shipping, and decommissioning in your warehouses.

Manufacturer for Agro

Record produced batches and ingredients batches used including their quantities. Leverage the Manufacturer for Agro application to form the basis for Global Batch Traceability within the agrochemical industry.

Serialized Logistics for Agro

Easily manage the receiving and shipping processes of serialized items in your warehouse.

NiceLabel Solution

Simplify the management and printing of serialized labels. Improve label quality assurance and minimize operational costs.

Scanning Capabilities

With our mobile and desktop extension you can use standard mobile devices for scanning. Our mobile app, Movilitas Mobile, is available in the stores for iOS, Android and Windows Universal. Also industrial scanners (Zebra, Honeywell, Casio,…) are supported. Use Movilitas Desktop, which runs in a browser, to scan with USB scanners. 

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