Serialized Logistics for Pharma

Integrate Your Serialization and Warehouse Operations

Pharmaceutical companies are challenged to meet an increasing number of serialization regulations and industry standards that ensure product quality and safety. However, many pharmaceutical warehouse management software and ERP solutions are not able to manage and track data below the batch level. Thus, companies need a solution that combines serialization and warehouse operations to meet both regulatory compliance and business needs.

Movilitas.Cloud’s Serialized Logistics application manages your warehouse operations and data at the edge, capturing the receipt, movement and shipment information of your serialized products. Receive, verify, commission and decommission, pack and unpack, and ship your products with Movilitas.Cloud Serialized Logistics. Update the status of your serialized goods in your ERP, warehouse management software solutions, and serialization repositories.

Improve The Efficiency Of Your Warehouse & Serialization Processes With A Single Scan

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Connect to Your Serialization Repository & Create Warehouses

Set up a business channel with SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals (SAP ATTP) or SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences (SAP ICH) and create your warehouses with only a few clicks. Assign the desired business channel to a specific warehouse. Now, all the data of your completed warehouse activities are sent to SAP ATTP or SAP ICH, keeping your serialization repository up to date.

It is also possible to set a default business channel in the application settings. If a default channel is defined, every created warehouse is automatically connected to the default business channel.

Manage Your Operators with a Click & Complete Your Scanning Activities

Assign your operators to warehouses and specify their privileges which follow the warehouse activities.

Operators in the warehouse can complete the following activities in the Serialized Logistics for Pharma mobile and desktop applications:

  • Receive your products
  • Verify your products
  • Pack your products on a SSCC or sGTIN
  • Unpack your products from a SSCC or sGTIN
  • Ship your products
  • Decommission your products
  • Commission unknown SSCCs

Create Warehouse Customers & Sites to Carry Out Shipping

Warehouse customers are the receivers of shipped products. Create customers and add customer sites which then will be available in the Serialized Logistics for Pharma mobile application. Next, the operators can scan all required items, select a specific customer and customer site and ship the scanned products to the selected customer location. The receiver can use Serialized Logistics to confirm the receipt of goods.

Connect with Your Partners & Share Relevant Data

Movilitas.Cloud’s Serialized Logistics solution makes it easy for partners to onboard so that stakeholders along the entire supply chain can use a single solution and integrate it with their own systems. With Movilitas.Cloud, each stakeholder has full control over their data, deciding what to share with other partners in the supply chain.

Use Extensive Reporting Capabilities

The Serialized Logistics Reports application provides an audit trail of every pack that was scanned at least once. For customers having a Serialized Logistics repository, extensive reporting capabilities are available free of charge.

  • Data Quality Management Report
  • Data Quality Management Error Report
  • Monthly Count Report
  • Standard Monthly Report
  • Monthly Operator Report
  • Daily Operator Report

With Serialized Logistics you can:

  • Integrate your serialization and warehouse processes, handling compliance requirements and warehouse activities with a single scan
  • Improve and automate warehouse operations – receiving, packing, unpacking and shipping
  • Update your ERP, WMS and serialization repository with warehouse events
  • Connect with your supply chain partners & exchange relevant information
  • Verify and decommission serial numbers
  • Decommission serial numbers & mark products as sample
  • Handle aggregation, de-aggregation and rework (i.e. sampling, damaged products) use cases
  • Use the out-of-box verification for US distributors that need to connect to SAP ICH for Saleable returns (VRS)

Why is Movilitas.Cloud your go-to-partner for Serialized Logistics?

  • Out of box application that is easy and quick to install
  • Monthly contract: No major investment or infrastructure management required
  • Full control over users and devices, access reports and dashboards in one place
  • Solution can easily connect with external systems such as Tracelink, SAP ATTP and SAP ICH, or services mandated by national authorities
  • Movilitas.Cloud Partner Model – easily connect your complete supply chain network, exchange relevant data & get real-time feedback
  • Zero unplanned downtime
  • Zero customer churn rate

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