SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals

Ensure Global Compliance

International governments are enacting legislation to fight counterfeit drugs and improve patient safety. These regulations often require a serialization of drugs and reporting to governmental databases and supply chain partners. To achieve compliance, pharmaceutical companies need a serialization solution that scales to the expected high data volume, effectively integrates with master and transactional data, and provides compliant reporting.

SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP) handles these needs by providing a corporate serialization repository and management. The solution was co-developed with leading pharmaceutical companies and is tailored to specific needs of these stakeholders.

Key Challenges

  • Serialization and Track & Trace Compliance: Realize new opportunities for growth while complying with regulations
  • Supply Chain Visibility: Greater transparency from raw material to production to consumer and patient
  • Integration: Connect the shop floor and supply chains to the top floor by capturing data at the source in real-time
  • Product and Batch Recalls: Execute recalls smoothly and cleanly

Key Capabilities

Out-of-Box Integration of your ERP System

Out-of-Box Integration of your Warehouse Management Systems

Robust & Flexible Serial Number Management

Extensive Serialization Repository

Simplified Country-Specific Regulatory Reporting

Compliant with GS1 Global Standards

Simplify Your Compliance Process with SAP ATTP

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