SAP Corporate Serialization

Improve Visibility with Integrated Tracking of Uniquely Identified Objects

Full end-to-end supply chain visibility with insight is critical for a transparent, flexible and resilient supply chain to meet the challenges of a dynamic global economy. An integrated approach enables access to the data that provides the foundation for a holistic view of your supply chain through the product lifecycle. With Track & Trace processes and technology, you can connect to the real-time intelligence required for key decision making.

SAP Corporate Serialization enables the serialization and tracking of uniquely identified objects, often products and parts, in the supply chain. This solution is tailored to the specific needs of non-life sciences stakeholders, such as high-tech goods, medical devices, consumer packaged goods, and chemicals.

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Key Challenges

  • Real-time insights into the value chain with integrated information through the product lifecycle
  • Enable serialization and tracking of uniquely identified objects to ensure product integrity
  • Transparency into serialized and aggregated logistics units and multi-level product assemblies, such as machinery or high-tech goods, allowing companies to address product recall and warranty validation challenges

Key Capabilities

Business Process Integration

With SAP ERP and Warehouse Management solutions leveraging out of the box add-on and other solutions via standard interfaces

Extended Track & Trace

Extend environmental track and trace and product genealogy tracking at unique unit level through integration with SAP LBN Material Traceability and SAP Global Track and Trace

Serialization Management

Robust and flexible serial number management with built-in randomizer

Data Exchange

Exchange serialization data with business partners and disparate systems using EPCIS or optimized interfaces. Support for GS1 standards as well as extensions to support other industry needs and processes

Robust System

Enables high performance powered by SAP S4HANA foundation

Activate Track & Trace for Your Raw Materials and Products

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