SAP RFID with SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure

Automated Logistics with RFID Technology

Do you know that SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (SAP AII) was initially built as an RFID middleware solution, taking the physical raw data from RFID transponders and converting this into business logic? You can achieve a broad range of capabilities using SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (SAP AII) for automation of logistic processes using RFID technology.

The standard processes supported by SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (SAP AII) include:

  • Automated inbound processing
  • Automated outbound processing
  • Returnable transport items tracking and processing
  • Automated Kanban processing
  • Rail car management
  • Department of Defense IUID support
  • Automated production order confirmation
  • Pedigree tracking and Track & Trace

The architecture of SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (SAP AII) is built to be highly flexible with a strong rule framework. So whatever other process you wish to represent that is not covered by the standard processes, you can do so by simply adjusting existing standard rules or creating complete new ones. The bottom line is that SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (SAP AII) is a very strong RFID middleware system that can help you automate all sorts of logistics processes using RFID technology.

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