Our enterprise printing solution gives you the tools you need to increase information accuracy and supply chain efficiency by leveraging barcode labeling, data capture automation, RFID and other advanced technologies, while also benefiting from label print integration at the transaction level and beyond.

Integrate Your Enterprise Printing

Using a message-based, event driven rules engine, the Movilitas Automation Controller (MAC) for Enterprise Printing offers a new approach that simplifies barcode label printing and management, and enables you to:

  • Monitor, test, troubleshoot and reset label printers/applicators from a central control point
  • Minimize downtime by storing all necessary label formats and images on the printer
  • Reduce bottlenecks by enabling you to re-direct labels to other available printers
  • Inform users and supervisors of any printing errors or potential errors, and validate production line processes
  • Identify which printer/applicators are statistically unavailable and see total utilization information

Our enterprise printing solution is so flexible, there is no limit to the types and quantities of label and barcode symbiologies that are supported. And since MAC-EP is built using the SAP ABAP programming language, your in-house IT staff can continue to expand its use without specialized training or support.

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