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Warehouse Logistics

Solve Complexity with Precise Logistics

Your warehouse is more than inventory. It requires every resource plus intelligence to satisfy growing consumer demand for fast fulfillment. And, if you handle pharmaceuticals or other highly regulated products, there is an added layer of compliance. The complex processes require solutions that give you access to the right information at the right time to get the job done economically and efficiently.

New integrations with SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP) offer serialized warehouses a boost in productivity while remaining compliant. Benefit from the digital supply chain by creating a smart warehouse that keeps you competitive while protecting your bottom line. Learn more in our guide, The New Foundation for Smart Warehouses Is Intelligence.

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Key Challenges

  • Tracking inventory and order accuracy
  • Coordinating inbound and outbound flows
  • Controlling operation costs
  • Ensuring compliance for pharmaceuticals and other regulated products
  • Optimizing product picking
  • Managing demand fluctuation
  • Improving complex or redundant processes
  • Supporting added value services and kitting
  • Using space and layouts efficiently

Optimize Operations Through Total Visibility

Movilitas helps you create a holistic view of operations inside and outside the warehouse walls with data from connected systems. This business intelligence of information, tasks, personnel, etc. is at your fingertips in real time whether you’re in the office or on the floor. This makes auditing, reconciliation and reporting easy—managers and inventory personnel can create and submit reports directly from their tablets.

Benefits Realized by Our Clients

10-20% savings with predefined processes

25% savings on implementation from preconfigured templates

Optimize operations through data visibility

Stay compliant with industry regulations

Customizing Your Solution

With over 15 years of SAP warehouse management experience, Movilitas brings deep knowledge in all aspects of warehouse and supply chain project design, including implementation, support and training. Our expertise includes:

  • Warehouse & Extended Warehouse Management (WM/EWM)
  • Inventory Management (IM)
  • Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII) / Object Event Repository (OER)
  • SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP)
  • SAP Manufacturing Execution Systems

We have helped over 250 customers across 3,000+ global sites optimize their unique complex warehouse operations.

Our Offering

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Control warehouse processes and product movement, mitigate problems by improving efficiency, and transform operations into an adaptive fulfillment supply chain that can share its resources.

Mobile Warehouse Management

A suite of ready-to-use applications for SAP Extended Warehouse Management that help you easily implement a new mobile solution, or migrate from an older one such as ITSmobile, by simplifying deployment.

Small Parcels and LTL Shipping

Pack and Ship easily with this powerful application that offers fast processing speeds, an extensive range of carrier compliant options, and exceptional support—seamlessly manage all your carrier rating, labeling and shipping needs.

SAP Enterprise Printing

Increase information accuracy and supply chain efficiency with barcode labeling, data capture automation, RFID and other advanced technologies including label print integration at the transaction and beyond.

SAP Labor Tracking

Get deeper insight into labor task completion time to determine how your operations are performing against productivity goals and benchmarks.

Movilitas Accelerators

Movilitas SAP programs enhancing the user experience of SAP warehouse logistics modules.

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