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Mobile Solutions for SAP EWM

Mobile warehouse management solutions enable you to streamline processes and provide anywhere access to your information. However, the end-user experience can be inconsistent, and transactions can be complicated to complete. On the development side, warehouse mobile applications can be complex to implement and integrate because these solutions often require expert coding knowledge. How do you deliver the necessary applications efficiently with a friendly user interface that is still compatible with SAP and your other systems?

Movilitas has a suite of ready-to-use applications forĀ SAP Extended Warehouse Management and SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals. These solutions help you easily implement a new mobile solution, or migrate from an older one such as ITSmobile, by simplifying deployment. These accelerators have a rapid time to value because of low to no coding requirements. Your employees benefit from an improved user experience with SAP integration so they can complete their work even when offline. Learn more about these applications and assess the best fit for your challenge by downloading our guide.

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Key Challenges

  • Complex Development Process & Integrations
  • Difficulty Designing Smart Applications that Simplify Transactions
  • Disconnect Between IT & End User Needs
  • Inefficiencies Due to Data Silos Between Departments
  • Workforce Productivity Slowed by Lack of Anywhere System Access, Including Offline

Key Accelerator Benefits

Activates Your Mobile Strategy

Create a foundation for a cohesive, user-friendly experience across your warehouse and entire enterprise.

Reduces Training Costs

Simplify your user interface (UI) to reduce the time it takes to train a new user on a complex system and makes it easier to complete tasks.

Improves Productivity with Shared Data

Connect your SAP systems with tailored applications and data sharing between operations and enterprise. Enable the right people to access the right information when they need it with role-based access to increase efficiency and productivity.

Visualize Your Work

Streamline your scanning processes for greater accuracy and efficiency. With the MotionAR Scanning mobile application, you can capture information on multiple items at one time while also accessing data about them.

Provides Work Continuity with Offline Capability

Allow users to communicate and update regardless of connectivity status, including times when the ERP or other systems are unavailable.

Implements Mobile Projects Faster

Reduce your time to deployment significantly with zero to low-code development and pre-built apps for greater ROI.

Start Your Warehouse Mobility Project Today

Increase your warehouse productivity by making SAP accessible for end-users whether you’re handling pharmaceuticals, high tech goods or other products. Remove manual processes by providing your workers with a way to more efficiently complete their work. The Movilitas suite of applications enables options to update the ERP in real-time or work offline with the ability to update later when needed.

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