Movilitas Accelerators

Movilitas Warehouse Accelerators

Movilitas Accelerators are templates based on industry standards, best practices and a proven implementation approach. You benefit by getting a faster time to value for your investment. For warehouse logistics, we offer:

  • Smart Warehousing accommodates Light, Medium and Complex environments
  • Cross-Function Integrations extend your supply chain visibility into manufacturing and traceability

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Typical Project Challenges

  • Long implementation process
  • Project & customization costs
  • User training

Accelerator Types

Smart Warehousing

Templates based on operational complexity and can incorporate some customization.

  • Light Warehouse for 3PL’s and contract manufacturers
  • Medium Warehouse for clients supporting the manufacturing process
  • Complex Warehouse for clients with large distribution centers

Cross-Functional Integration

Extend your visibility further into the supply chain by connecting with manufacturing and track & trace solutions.

  • SAP Manufacturing Intelligence and Integration (MII)
  • SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP)

Mobile Warehouse Management

A suite of ready-to-use applications for SAP Extended Warehouse Management that help you easily implement a new mobile solution, or migrate from an older one such as ITSmobile, by simplifying deployment.

  • Rapid time to value because of low to no coding requirements
  • Improved user experience with SAP integration
  • Complete work even when offline

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