SAP Mobile Data Collection

Capture Data On-the-Go

Connect your mobile workforce to your warehouse management system for improved data collection that captured in real-time with reduced entry errors. It helps with compliance, inventory management and purchase order processing. Learn more about adding intelligence in your warehouse in our guide.

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Key Challenges

  • Integrated RF-linked mobile terminals
  • Accurate & consistent data capture
  • Wireless functions in and outside of the warehouse

Industry Leader in Wireless-Enabling SAP Applications

You can access the flexibility, speed and security of an experienced team of domain experts with knowledge of mobile data collection technology. Our experience helps us understand operational requirements, SAP and wireless technologies. We can also assist you in developing and documenting the enhanced business processes to take advantage of real-time technology.

We can help you extend the base functionality with our turnkey transactions and templates. These accelerators will significantly reduce your costs and accelerate your time-to-benefit. In addition, Movilitas provides a wide array of wireless RF services for real-time enterprise productivity management.

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