Syngenta Crop Protection Partnered with Engineering Industries eXcellence to Accelerate Product Digitization to Benefit Farmers and Support Sustainable Agriculture

November 21, 2022

Advanced cloud-based track & trace solution provides end-to-end visibility for compliance and protects against the counterfeiting of agriculture products to ensure quality and safety

November, 2022, Mannheim, Germany – Engineering Industries eXcellence, a global consulting services and solutions company helping enterprises transform their business to meet the demands of today’s dynamic economy, today announced that Syngenta Crop Protection, a leading science-based agtech business that helps millions of farmers around the world to grow safe and nutritious food, while taking care of the planet, selected Industries eXcellence to implement global track and trace for product identification. The project helps farmers improve their productivity and profitability, protect against counterfeiting, and support sustainable agriculture.

The agrochemical industry faces growing challenges to ensure the integrity of products. A recent working paper from OECD estimated that global revenues associated with fake agrochemicals are at USD 6-10 billion worldwide. The increased quantities of counterfeit products impact farmers’ livelihood and the environment. Syngenta Crop Protection’s product digitalization program is a global, standardized approach for authentic product identification and aggregation. The program leverages a solution that combines the cloud-based SAP® Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP) solution and the Movilitas.Cloud for Serialized Logistics app for mobile scanning and printing. The digital process ensures the capturing of product and production data and enables seamless information exchange.

“We are honored to partner with Syngenta Crop Protection on their sustainable agriculture goals. They are at the forefront of modern agriculture. Our leadership and industry expertise in Track & Trace technologies have helped accelerate their product digitization initiatives,” said Stefan Hockenberger, Managing Director Europe at Engineering Industries eXcellence. “The results of this partnership positively impact farmers, the environment, and society.”

About Engineering Industries eXcellence

Engineering Industries eXcellence, formerly Movilitas is a global consulting services and solutions company that helps enterprises transform their business to meet the demands of today’s dynamic economy. We are recognized as a long-standing trusted SAP partner and strategic advisor for digital supply chain transformation. Our industry expertise, portfolio of accelerators and extensions for SAP solutions and our applications, such as Movilitas.Cloud, enable businesses to future-proof operations, maintain compliance and realize new growth opportunities.

About Syngenta Crop Protection

Syngenta Crop Protection is a world-leading business committed to helping farmers around the world grow safe and nutritious food, while taking care of the planet. Syngenta Crop Protection is headquartered in Switzerland and is present in more than 90 countries, employing more than 17,000 people worldwide.